Our Founders & Clinical Leadership

Dr. Stratman & Dr. Ferreira

Dr. Dean Stratman

Chief Dental Officer, Indiana Practice Owner and Founder

Dr. Dean Stratman, a 1993 graduate of Indiana University School of Dentistry, is the founder of several successful dental concepts including Gentle Dentist, ImmediaDent, and the nation’s first 24/7 dental practice, 24 Hour Dental Care. Dr. Stratman has focused much of his career on helping people out of dental pain and providing a path to a healthy and functional smile.  Serving as Chief Dental Officer for Same Day Dental, Dr. Stratman oversees and mentors the entire clinical team on many subjects such as painless injections, comfortable extractions, life-like dentures, and smile restoration with dental implants. His overall approach toward dentistry puts patients at ease and is a model for all dentists working within the practices that he owns and oversees.

Dr. Shirley Ferreira

Quality and Ethical Standards Officer

Dr. Shirley Ferreira completed her dental studies in 1992 at Universida de do Vale do Rio Doce in Minas Gerais, Brazil.  Dr. Ferreira dedicated much of the first 10 years of her professional practice to aesthetic dentistry and oral surgery. After moving to the US in 2001, Dr. Ferreira completed a general practice esidency at Metro Health Hospital in Cleveland where she gained extensive experience in emergency dentistry and oral surgery.  She served as Attending Dentist at the hospital for the next 2 years instructing and mentoring dental residents.  Dr. Ferreira currently practices dentistry full-time in Indianapolis and holds the title of Quality and Ethical Standards Officer at Same Day Dental.  

Dr. Justin Moody

Head of Implantology and Texas Practice Owner

Justin D. Moody, DDS, DABOI is a Board Certified Implant Specialist as well as an internationally known dentist, entrepreneur, instructor and speaker in the fields of technology and implantology. Having graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1997 Dr. Moody owns and oversees our practices in Texas and is the founder of Implant Pathway a leading provider for dental implant education. Dr. Moody knows how important it is to replace missing teeth with dental implants for maintaining that smile!

Support Organization Leadership Team

"We exist to serve our supported practices helping to empower them to perform quality dentistry by removing existing barriers. We work for them." - Dustin Netral, CEO

Dustin Netral

President & CEO

A seasoned retail & health care executive, Dustin joined the team in December of 2018 with the mission to improve the level of support provided to our practice owners. Having led fast growing teams in behavioral health as well as developing two successful retail concepts prepared Dustin for leading the growth of Same Day's supported practices. Dustin has 5 children and is married to his lovely wife Leizel. In his spare time he enjoys supporting his kids activities as well as woodworking and golf.

Dean Stratman II

CTO & Security Officer

A child of dentists, Dean has spent a lot of time in dental practices since he was very young. As a result, he has developed experience across the spectrum of dental practice roles, including front office, dental assisting, branding and marketing, internet technology, practice management systems, and practice development. Outside of the dental office, he enjoys spending time with his wife Amanda and his two-year-old son Deano, exploring his downtown home of Indianapolis.

Steve Halvorson


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Nicholas Poling

Director of Operations

Nicholas "Nic" has always been involved in the dental community, finding a passion to help people from a young age. He began work as a Dental Assistant while pursuing a degree in Pre-Dental studies and Psychology. He decided to join Same Day Dental as I felt that there was a need for dental care that is convenient for our patients, especially for those with busy schedules! In addition to this aspect of my life, I find great enjoyment in the outdoors!"

Steve Holehan

Director of Practice Support

Having been in dentistry for 13 years, Steve enjoys supporting teams, and providers, to help them serve their patients.  Steve joined Same Day Dental because of our unique model that gives patients an unprecedented amount of access to great providers, when it is convenient for the patient.  In his spare time, he enjoys being with his beautiful wife, and three great kids.  

Our Core Values

Learn & Grow

With the continuous innovation of technology and techniques we must always be students of dentistry. From our those responsible for patient coordination to those participating in delivery of care, everyone must strive to grow their expertise each and every day.

Be Awesome

As a team we must be able to depend upon one another. We count on everyone to bring their best selves to the office each and every day. Everyone deserves your best, including our patients and those working around you to achieve the best outcomes.


All team members must work together to achieve the desired outcomes while understanding that no team member is above another. We work every day to create a collaborative environment that fosters the best results.

Be Passionate

We want our team members to be passionate about those things that are important to them. Our team members are passionate about helping others that are in need of dental services regardless of where they are in their journey of oral health.