Same Day Dental is growing fast. We're looking for exceptionally talented individuals who are passionate about offering excellent dental care

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Work at Same Day Dental

Who We Are

We are dentists, accountants, hygienists, healthcare experts, marketers, administrators, and more. We are the Same Day Dental team. We bring diverse backgrounds and abilities to the team, but we all have one mission in common.

"We exist to serve our supported practices helping to empower them to perform quality dentistry by removing existing barriers."
-Dustin Netral, CEO

Professional Development

Same Day Dental provides me an opportunity to become a leader in my profession while making our patients' lives better.

Doctor, Texas


I love the challenge that working here presents. Every day we solve problems and build something really cool together, and that never gets old.

Marketing, Support Office

Being Awesome

We're not here to do average work and give average experiences to patients. Every one here is here because they want to be awesome.

Executive, Support Office


Same Day Dental gives me the ability to live a flexible lifestyle. I have all the responsibilities of being an owner without any of the burden.

Doctor, Indiana

Our values

Be Passionate

We want our team members to be passionate about those things that are important to them. Our team members are passionate about helping others that are in need of dental services regardless of where they are in their journey of oral health.

Learn and Grow

With the continuous innovation of technology and techniques we must always be students of dentistry. From our those responsible for patient coordination to those participating in delivery of care, everyone must strive to grow their expertise each and every day.

Be Awesome

As a team we must be able to depend upon one another. We count on everyone to bring their best selves to the office each and every day. Everyone deserves your best, including our patients and those working around you to achieve the best outcomes.

Be a Team Player

All team members must work together to achieve the desired outcomes while understanding that no team member is above another. We work every day to create a collaborative environment that fosters the best results.